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Healing from the pain of parenting


Every time I hear my son and daughter telling about their challenges these days and how they deal with them, I become both proud and relieved. I didn?t expect them to grow into capable and resourceful adults from how I raised them. I?m grateful for who they are and for all that have supported them [...]

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Courage to be vulnerable

The courage to show up and say out loud what everyone whispers about, or to say no, even if the others don’t. You might think that brave people do not know fear. But as one of those who regularly is being recognized for my courage to stand up, I’ll deny it. The experience goes from awkward to nervous or quite often dread. It requires a deep breath and verbal fiddling. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is fear that holds the hand of our Lord. Vulnerable [...]

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Labour pains of a new worldview

I enjoyed so much this video with an amazing amount of information on how the world is and what is determining how we act. Even it is all heard before: The consumerism that has lead to the current world crisises and the importance of taking action steps NOW and much more, I was particularly uplifted [...]

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The Paschal mystery

Although I see myself as a Christian, I am skeptical about the Easter myth where Jesus was tortured to death, put into a tomb and on the third day came to life again, and after having rolled a large stone barricading the tomb aside, walked away. I believe in another explanation that does not make [...]

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LinkedIn etiquette

Until I became self-employed, my presence on LinkedIn was rather modest. Recently, my mentor suggested me the homework to double my 100 connections. LinkedIn is wonderfully accommodating; proposing me people I might know, and I justneed to press ‘Connect’.

In fact, it is surprising how many I know! And really great to brush up [...]

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The Word Creates What It Says

Rebuild your brain with NonViolent Communication (NVC)

N.F.S. Grundtvig, The Danish priest and philosopher, was aligned with recent neuroscience when he wrote these words in 1829. Or as Martin Brofman, American cancer survivor and healer puts it: »The words you use to describe your reality, create your reality«.

The same Martin Brofman suggested 29 years [...]

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Being, teaching or coaching NVC?

Is NVC maturing into differentiation?

So far, NVC practitioners who want further education has had the certification path to choose. It’s about understanding the concepts, living them and learning to teach them. Apart from this, many trainers have combined NVC with other things we are doing such as parenting, leadership and other areas. This is [...]

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PeaceByHeart Coaching

Coaching for transformation

What’s important? Are you unfolding your true self? Do you leave the footprints you want to?

PeaceByHeart Coaching supports you in addressing what doesn’t work in your daily life and developing strategies for creating change in these areas. Click at the headline to read more.

My aim is to support you in [...]

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