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Jule Fred?

Avoid micro aggressions

Christmas songs waves again out of the radio and playlists, and here the first Sunday of Advent, I noticed how a simple Christmas song made my heart heavy when I heard one of last year's Christmas calendar songs 'Christmas In Vang And Vænge' Here sung among others .: " the adults are happy and the kids are excited, "" ... and as long as the (Christmas, [...]

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-And The wisdom to know the difference

Autumn storm was raging inconvenient for most. Dinner Invitations, a concert, meetings and other important and pleasant chores we had to reluctantly Maate give up when something so un-Danish as a weather phenomenon cleared agenda.

It is so unusual that it hurts when we have to adapt ourselves to vagaries of the weather. But for those who came [...]

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The courage to appear vulnerable


Many believe that the brave people do not know fear. But as one of those who regularly being recognized for my courage to stand up, I have to deny it. Feelings range from awkward than nervous to terrified. It requires often inlet and groping. Courage is not the absence of fear. It is fear that keeps our Lord in hand. [...]

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Good intentions

After the holidays, we often good intentions of the things we want to do differently. But reality catches up with us soon, unless we follow this simple trick [...]

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Filled to the brim in a holiday time

I was about to collapse as I drove my daughter to the venue for two days of student driving on Sunday. I was filled to the brim and had no room to rejoice on her behalf - or on my own. The students would later get past their locust swarming celebration and take various delights at [...]

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Imagery and larger breasts

Rector Iver Grunnet said in his dimissionstale to students at Slagelse high school today: "Remember the community. Together for more than the sum of each of you. "A wonderful invitation, which was the conclusion of a tour to the Paradise Hotel and other contemporary expressions of self-promotion among the young. Even Staging, fueling many enemy images.


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Interpretatione price

"She thinks she can decide everything" "She's always eager to save his own ass"

Do you know the thoughts like these? Our brain has an inherent tendency to make sense of what we are experiencing. So we quickly orient ourselves and find appropriate solutions.

Evolution profit

In fact it is the ability to understand the [...]

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Communication School of Ministers

When ministers reacts with defense, hard-on-hard or tough rhetoric, they are hardly able to serve the people disinterested and responsible [...]

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Påskefortælling year 2013

Although I consider myself a Christian, I am skeptical about the Easter story where Jesus was killed, put into a tomb and on the third day came to life again, and after having rolled the big stone in front of the grave away went. I think of other explanations that do not make Jesus' power and message of [...]

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Fortunate buyer

Yesterday I signed the contract note to my house. It has been for sale since June last year, and sales are a relief. Still, I weep. It started when buying, just after he had put his signature (and after I had put my), said: 'I simply do not understand how you can sell it lovely place'.


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