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Pernille Plantener

Do you want it be your reality?

Imagine you have a 24/7 companion who sees everything and understands everything. Knows your motivation, sees opportunities and invites you to take chances - and at the same time is ready to grab you when you stumble?

DYou can develop such an inner companion for yourself! Until you trust it's there, I will support you through our conversations, email exchanges mm.

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The family. The break-up. The beginning. The relationships. Yourself.

Stuck conflicts limit the joy of life. Children often suffer from the father's and mother's cold war even many years after a divorce. Family members who are not tolerating each other's company, occupy quality of life of the whole family. Tension in work relationships can make llife at work tough. Self-criticism cripples the beauty in people. Shame corrodes.

Stuck relationships don't have to stay stuck. It is possible to get on with everyone's dignity intact. Peaceful living and a new culture where there is room for everybody can be founded. If just one person in the relationship seeks change, the relationship will change.

Most of us contains an inner community meeting where both our own and others' words and actions are the subject of endless attack and defense. Peace and reconciliation is possible. It restores dignity and releases energy.

Call and tell me about how it is for you, a sample conversation is free of charge. Maybe it turns out to be the best you've ever done for yourself.

What Harriet wrote:

"[...] I would advise all parents, married couples, colleagues, etc., that find themselves on the same slippery slope as my two adult girls and I had landed on, to take a few hours with you to learn to listen and speak to each other with openness and respect.

My two girls and I Harriets feedbackneed no longer be afraid that one of us misunderstands the conversation, feels patronized or corrected, which were the usual triggers of a chain reaction of bad atmosphere where everyone was affected.

Now there is a very different gentle tone, and we can be together for hours without the emergence of any misunderstanding between us. [...]“

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