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PeaceByHeart Coaching

Coaching for transformation

What’s important? Are you unfolding your true self? Do you leave the footprints you want to?

PeaceByHeart Coaching supports you in addressing what doesn’t work in your daily life and developing strategies for creating change in these areas. Click at the headline to read more.

My aim is to support you in responding to the yearning of your life and to direct your actions so they become aligned with who you really are. My agenda is solely to support you in becoming the most alive version of yourself. I accompany you through courageous risktaking and quiet discipline.

My specialties are:

I offer professional coaching within the green movement including organic farming, environmental issues and climate change.



Gentle healing conversations

Sometimes it’s not action-directed coaching we need. The objective is not to move on, but rather to experience and make peace with what’s alive. I hold the space and support you as you sense and understand where you are with what’s happening in your life.

You can expect to be met with calmness and empathy and perhaps healing roleplays or the so-called NVC DanceFloors®, designed to support self-connection.


Is conflict the opposite of peace? In my opinion, no. Conflict means that there is something we care about; something important. Often we experience scarcity of space, time or money and then a conflict turns into a problem.

What I offer is support in exploring possible ways that everybody’s needs can be met. I support my clients in standing up for their own values and lend them the ears to listen to what’s important for the other part in a conflict. When both parties have heard and understood each other, the willingness to find mutually satisfying solutions grows. It’s simple, but not at all easy and if the conflict is stuck, help from outside can be a helpful link.

Terms and conditions

Coaching is done face-2-face, over Skype or telephone. I offer a free 30-40 minutes sample session so you’ll get a taste of how I work before committing to a coaching agreement. My preferred format of coaching is two one-hour conversations each month. The first coaching is a 1½ to 2-hour discovery session where we focus on clarifying your values and goals for the course of the coaching.

I charge 125 $ / 100 ? an hour. Because PeaceByHeart Coaching is still young and I want to attract clients, I offer 40 % reduction until  1 November, 2012. Payment is done monthly via PayPal or Bank transfer.

Feel free to contact me for further details on the contents of the coaching, the logistics and/ or the payment at email or phone +45 2543 2921 or book a free sample session.

About me

My first education was within organic farming and agricultural business. I’ve worked at farms, 10 years in the advisory service, as project manager, process consultant and executive. I met Nonviolent Communication in 2002. Since then I’ve integrated it in my life through trainings, practice groups, therapy and the challenges of everyday life. I’ve been teaching NVC since 2008 and became a CNVC -certified trainer in 2011.

In November 2012 I expect to graduate from the Coaching for Transformation yearlong education as a professional coach.

I have comprehensive experience in personal development and alternative ways of living: From yoga and meditation in Sweden, Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to goat herding in the mountains of Norway and most important of all: coping and growing through presence in everyday life. I’m the mother of a son and a daughter, peacefully divorced and lovingly committed.

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