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Labour pains of a new worldview

I enjoyed so much this video with an amazing amount of information on how the world is and what is determining how we act. Even it is all heard before: The consumerism that has lead to the current world crisises and the importance of taking action steps NOW and much more, I was particularly uplifted by a simple metaphor that was offered to describe what we are experiencing.

All the cells in the caterpillar are having good times when there is growth. The digestional cells are happy about the incoming flow of ressources and the mobility system that moves the little creature around is having enough to do, just like our infrastructure including all the transportation businesses. The caterpillar’s energy distribution system consisting of oxygen intake, red blood cells and a heart to provide all the cells with energy is busy, just like energy businesses are thriving in our society.

But…. When the caterpillar has reached a certain volume, growth is not possible anymore. That’s kind of blueprinted into it’s system. It stops eating, and the cells loses the supply of nutrients. Chaos is the result. Local riots where cells have become unemployed or starved lead to the system’s breaking down. If a scientist at this stage in the caterpillars’ life takes a close look, she sees disorganization happening. The organs are melting down, the whole system seems to disintegrate.

Chaos is part of the transformation

This is where some cells, socalled imaginary cells, start to function. In the midst of chaos, they gather other cells around them in a completely new organization. On the ruins of the old organism, a new is built. This is the metamorphosis; the result is the butterfly creeping out of the caterpillar’s old skin and leaving the old, outdated organization behind.

The message is: We got to find a new worldview and new ways to be human. Go gather around those who have another solution for a future world and leave consumerism behind. This is not for the poor to do, they are too busy feeding their children. It is neither for the very rich, as they have too much to lose. And neither for the politicians who are not likely to dare shake the existing system. This is for you and me.

You and me.

What do I do? I do all I can to become still more alive and present to other people as well as myself. And I do as much as I can to remind people that we are all one, interconnected, a part of the same whole, the same caterpillar if you like. And Ipay attention to my own consumption.

Once again, the link to the movie. 64 minutes that might reinforce your hope for the future.


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