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-And The wisdom to know the difference

Autumn storm was raging inconvenient for most. Dinner Invitations, a concert, meetings and other important and pleasant chores we had to reluctantly Maate give up when something so un-Danish as a weather phenomenon cleared agenda.

It is so unusual that it hurts when we have to adapt ourselves to weather whims. But for those who were injured or lost, the reactions around seem ridiculous. Still, powerlessness and rage vivid and real.Stormen forsinkede togene

The fast train

A few days after the storm called an old friend. I told irate about the driver on fast link, as the day after the storm would not let the train stop at a few extra stations. He knew otherwise good that we were a large handful of passengers who could look forward to a half hour of waiting at Odense station late at night.

My friend is a mother of four, three of which are struggling with difficulties. She is unemployed and about to fall out of the unemployment benefit system, and now her husband just lost his job. Forced auction lurking ahead, so she called to ask if I could help her with another place to stay.
When I told her about the hardships of my journey, she said:? Pernille! If you have bigger problems than that, then you should enjoy!?.

The surprise was that my indignation was instantly replaced by gratitude that my healthy children are well on the way and my life in general expresses the dream I dreamed when she and I were close.
It reminded me of the prayer, frequently used to end the meetings of 12-step programs:

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I can not change
Courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to see the difference

The daily appreciation

I have no ambition to change the DSB. And I'm happy for the changes that have led to my life today. My friend's words remembered me again on the value of appreciating what I have - not because I am afraid of being seen as ungrateful, but simply because it is our thoughts dwell on, we get more of.

I had actually thought that this month's newsletter should be about public digitization and effort as it gives us citizens and businesses. And in fact it can be categorized the same place as the hurricane? I can not change it, let me better find peace to accept it. So no more words from the digital mailboxes.

This month's challenge to you is: When you discover that you are irritated, ask yourself whether you can change the cause. Do that, then prepare to find the way and the courage to do it. Can not you, so practice to accept. Eg. by putting irritation in proportion.

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