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Coaching takes place as a sequence of conversations of typically one hour. We meet physically or over a video connection. The default is three to six months with 1-3 calls a month.

First we have a strategy-talk, where we both get the chance to check the chemistry between us and where your desires for a coaching course on the agenda. Then we agree on how your course must be put together. Strategy-chatter you do not pay.

Coaching is payable monthly in arrears, and beyond the agreed conversations you can short (5 minute) phone calls and e-mail exchanges as needed in my telephone hours. Furthermore, I will send you home assignments and other supplementary materials that can support your process.

What is the difference between coaching, psychotherapy, consultancy and mentoring?

I psychotherapy We regard client as someone who has something that is broken to be repaired. Typically you work with events of the past that have involuntary influence on your thinking about yourself and your actions in the present. The goal of therapy is to the old blocks in your emotional and energy will be dissolved and downloading valuable insights that you can integrate into your nutidsliv.

consultancy the character of advice. The consultant has expertise that the client can draw. When I work in companies, it is often as a consultant, where we focus on communication and collaboration. Read more here.

Mentorering is a collective term for when a more experienced person helps a less experienced by sharing his experiences. Within the coaching is mentoring a specific meaning, namely when the mentor listens to a coaching conversation, and the coach get feedback and nutrient-for-learning. I am a trained mentor and provides mentoring to coaches at PCC level. write to me if you're interested.

Coaching based on your present and your wishes for the future. Coaching exposes your true personal values ​​and supports you in creating a life that reflects them. Here only you Authority; the coach's role is to support, uphold, be curious and challenge you so you understand yourself better, see new opportunities and move out of your comfort zone - to get back to peace with yourself and achieve what you long for.

In coaching, we come maybe on experiences that best redeemed through psychotherapy. Then we talk about how to best continue to work on it and I can point to a psychotherapist.

Coaching and Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?

PeaceByHeart Coaching er udsprunget af og i overensstemmelse med Ikkevoldelig Kommunikation. Jeg er certificeret træner i IVK og også certificeret coach med såkaldt PCC-akkreditering fra The International Coach Federation. Du vil opleve dyb lytning og empati, suppleret med coaching-verdenens fokus på anerkendelse, motivation, handling og opfølgning.

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