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Healing transformational conversations

Coaching that heals and transforms

I offer healing transformational conversations to you who want to live your life more fully but face some barriers hard to overcome. It might be in your work life, in the larger family or your relationship, a frozen conflict, your all-too-dusty dreams, bad habits or perhaps a past that casts shadows into your present life.

My clients share that they experience concrete positive changes in their daily lives after a period of coaching with me.

Here is what Harriet wrote:Harriets feedback

“I would like to advice all parents, couples, colleagues etc. who has entered the same imbalance as my two daughters and I found ourselves in, to take some sessions with you to learn to speak to each other with openness and respect.

My two girls and I no longer need to fear that one of us will misunderstand the conversation, feel patronized, nagged at which often started a chain reaction of bad atmosphere where everybody felt hit.”

What did I do? I listened to them and showed them that listening deeply to the other’s reality doesn’t mean you let go of your own.

How does it work?

Healing transformational conversations are not analytical but goes through awareness and processes that open to the right hemisphere and the intuitive layers. I accompany my client into the place inside from where they make their decisions and ground their behavior, the place we usually tend to go around. From here the client can retrieve knowledge, inspiration and power to transform their everyday lives.

Gentle healing conversationsConversations on a chosen theme usually carry on over a period of time in which we talk about how the desired changes are progressing. If progress stalls we explore what stands in the way and then we seek to dissolve it.

The conversations can take place face-to-face, over Skype or telephone. I work with clients in the U.S., Cambodia and northern and southern Europe. Face-to-face only in Denmark.

The most successful format is a 60-90-minute conversation twice a month for at least 3 months, though we can adapt the course depending on the client’s challenges.
Read about my qualifications at the bottom of this page.

Gentle, yet bold

My clients might not always know what they want to talk about when they ask for a sample session. During our first conversation, it very often turns out that some of the issues listed below is what bothers them.

Whether you know what is bothering you or not, we will find the knots in the energy flow and get the life expanding again.

Elena B. says:

“I was impressed by the deep work we could achieve in just one-hour sessions. I felt your firm presence and wise guidance, as well as the freedom to make my own decisions. Our coaching sessions were an opportunity for me to unfold my inner truth, to look at it with honesty and openness and to use this treasure to define my next steps in life.”

You can expect to be met with calmness and empathy and a variety of tools designed to support self-connection. .


Is conflict the opposite of peace? In my opinion, no. Conflict means that there is something we care about; something important.Often we experience scarcity of space, time or money and then a conflict turns into a problem.

What I offer is support in exploring possible ways that everybody’s needs can be met. I support my clients in standing up for their own values and lend them the ears to listen to what’s important for the other part in a conflict.

When both parties have heard and understood each other, the willingness to find mutually satisfying solutions grows. It’s simple, but not at all easy and if the conflict is stuck, help from outside can be a helpful link.

Terms and conditions

Coaching is done face-to-face, over Skype or telephone. I offer a free 30-45 minutes sample session in order for you to get a taste of how I work before you commit to a coaching agreement. My preferred format of coaching is two 60-90-minutes conversations each month.

I charge 125 $ / 100 ? an hour. Payment is done monthly via PayPal or Bank transfer in advance. Reduction of 15 % if you pay for 10 hours coaching in full.

Feel free to contact me for further details on the contents of the coaching, the logistics and/ or the payment at email pernille(at) or phone +45 2543 2921 or book a free sample session.

About me

My background is in in organic farming and agricultural business. I’ve worked at farms, 10 years in the advisory service, as a project manager, process consultant and executive. I met Nonviolent Communication in 2002 after a devastating divorce. Since then I’ve integrated it in my life through trainings, practice groups, therapy and the challenges of everyday life. I’ve been teaching NVC since 2008 and became a CNVC -certified trainer in 2011.

In November 2012 I graduated from the Coaching for Transformation yearlong education as a professional coach.

I have comprehensive experience in personal development and holistic life styles: From yoga and meditation in Sweden, Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to goat herding in the mountains of Norway, psychodynamic therapy and most important of all: coping and growing through presence in life. I’m the mother of a son and a daughter, at peace with my divorced husband and today experiencing all the wonders of a satisfying love life with my partner.

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