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Thoughts about your sexuality?

Have you never really felt at home in a traditional relationship? You might be married and have children, you might tell yourself that it’s just a whim. But your thoughts are spinning, the vision of another kind of partner is intrusive and perhaps the sexlife doesn’t work well.

How du you try it out with as small costs as possible? How do you find a partner – and how to get everything work with someone of the same gender? And how about children, family, your community and your self-image?

I support you who live monogamous and heterosexually but feel attracted to your own gender or another kind of relationship in getting to terms with your sexuality and get rid of the doubt, guilt and secret yearnings. It will become easier to make a decision – so it becomes possible to transform your life into mirroring your true self with as little cost as possible for those you care about.

I’m a late bloomer myself and know the journey. Use the contact form and leave me a message. I’ll connect with you and set a time and date for an introductory complementary session. It’s 100 % anonymous and noncommittal.



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