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Bring your relationship alive

  • A romantic adventure?
  • A working relationship?
  • A warzone?
  • Or a museum, long ago deprived of life?

There are many versions of a modern relationship and you might be among those who long for something different and more than what you experience with your partner. Whether the spark is threatened by small and big issues amongst you and your partner or you think there should be more to it than just daily routines  – your relationship suffers as a consequence.

There can be many good reasons to continue like this: Children, finances, discouragement or hope that it in some magical way suddenly will turn around. But how big are the chances for that? And what happens to you when you tolerate rather than live and develop yourself in your relationship?

Imagine a relationship where you unfold yourself as your true being and have your needs for giving and receiving care, respect, love and intimacy met. How would that be?

I support individuals who feel stuck in their relationship to identify the causes and find strategies to develop the relationship they are dreaming about with themselves as with their partner, without unhappy consequences for their children and their lives in general as a side-effect.

When a break-up is the best solution, I support the parties in letting go of their dream of a happy life together, orientate themselves in a new direction and find their way through the process without guilt and anger. I offer mediation as a way for both parties to be heard and to understand each other.

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