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This is what my students havesaid:

  • A wonderful, open, caring, non-judgmental environment to explore what drives conflicts, and newMake your complainants allies courseapproaches and methods of conflict resolution. Robert Langham.
  • If you can not express your needs and carry inner conflicts, how can you relate to others? Want Dominique.
  • I really liked how the give & take was made with compassion, sensitivity and humor. Rhonda.
  • An intensive workshop where I learned / remembered how I can connect with my own and others' needs. Brigitte Sheung.
  • Communication that spreads light in the darkness. Gitte L.
  • The wildest thing is to learn to dare sensing people with one's heart instead of trying to understand them with the brain. Sigrun G.
  • Brings a lot of what I've heard and read to a concrete and doable level. Sandra Grenolet.
  • To be most yourself is the most rewarding you can give yourself - and the world. Benedetta Barabino.
  • Authentic - really. Thank you thank you. Simon.

Coaching og mediation:

Anniliva L.: Fun / joyful, instructive, fantastically hard and vitalizing.

Elena B .: I was impressed with how deep we could work in our one-hour talks. I felt your permanent presence and wise guidance together with the freedom to make my own choices. Our coaching sessions were an opportunity for me to express my inner truth, look honestly and openly at it and use the value in it to define my next step in life "

Annette V .: "It was a very pleasant kind of mediation method because you both get listened to the other and to themselves and brands, what comes of reaction on the inner lines. I felt very safe, and it is absolutely fantastic so many shades of our spoken and unspoken messages, you get caught on the way and passed on. "

Gitte N .: "Through your questions, I discovered what may have held me back for listening, namely anxiety in order to feel compelled to take into account and meet the other's needs at the expense of my region. It's great when the kind of suddenly stand there and lit one. "

Marie S .: "Before we started the conversations with you, our mutual interaction characterized by fragility and uncertainty of when the next conflict would arise. During the course with you, we talked about some things that might be the reason that our life is marked by conflicts and quarrels. We have never really been together before, and it worked really well to identify the possible causes of our problems - together.
I sense that both my sister and my mother understood giraffe language and take it to heart - and that's good.
I myself am also thinking about it, and I sense a hope in all of us that perhaps we can now get better. "


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