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Clear speech and tranquility inside

Learn effective tools for clemency and feel for yourself

- and to maintain ground connection even in difficult conversations. It increases the chance of finding a way that works for everyone.


Two day course where you get increased attention to your communication.

This course is for youWho want to be authentic and navigate freely between other people while you are in compliance with yourself.

Longing for example. after:

  • Understand what happens when a conversation derailed?
  • Have contact with your own values ​​and manage to formulate them, even in bad weather?
  • Could say 'no' and still keep in touch?
  • Understand what actually is at stake for your partner / colleague / child?
  • Engage yourself in another person's experience without losing yourself?

We examine what you want in your life and in your interaction with others, and what comes across frank and direct speech. We find in the language that expresses what matters to you, in a safe and respectful manner. In this way you can develop the relationships you desire, whether for work, home or acquaintances.

You do not know anything about Nonviolent Communication in advance. You will learn about the basic steps in communication, as my now sadly deceased teacher Marshall Rosenberg described it, including In his book Giraffe Language.

You will be introduced to and practice how to:

  • Understand and embrace your own jumble of thoughts, feelings, desires and promptings
  • Listening for the other's good intention regardless of the choice of words - so the other feel heard
  • Asking for what you want - so the other comes to meet you without bitterness or can say no without guilt
  • Commends without skamros

And much more. The training consists of theory, demonstration, exercises and discussion and aims to give you feel for yourself and express yourself in line with what you dream about and hope for, in addition to the tools to continue learning after the course.

Time: 10th-11th March 2018 at. 9:00 to 17:30 on both days.Nonviolent Communication

Location: Some Mosevej 14, 4673 Rødvig Stevns. Pick at Rødvig Station can be arranged. You can stay overnight in simple conditions and have dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday by appointment; write for more information.

Max number of participants: 12

Taken: 1,200 kr. Registration not later than 31 January 2018. Later registration 1950 kr. The price includes tuition and materials, and organic coffee / tea, snacks and lunch both days.

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Here's what former students have said about this course:

"The wildest is to learn to dare to brand people with his heart instead of trying to understand them with the brain" "

"Communication that spreads light in the darkness"

"Pernille participants' personal experiences were really nice, and I felt in good hands"

"I was following each course day full of the joy of experiencing sincere contact between people. Pernille is a formidable coach / teacher / guide ... "

"I choose like a course / lecture / teaching with Pernille another time"

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