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Dissolving Conflict in relationships

A weekend of transforming inner and outer conflicts for couples

No public courses available – please contact me if you are interested in workshops in your area!

Special bonus  - There is no need for your partner to join in order to benefit!

A two-day experiential workshopPeaceByHeart

Join us on a journey from conflict back towards harmony and balance.

In this workshop we will explore how needs-based communication, based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg?s Nonviolent Communication, can ease our conflicts, through exercises, group work and demonstrations.

This workshop is fully interactive, an all-in event! We encourage participants to bring real-life examples and challenges to work on.

We also welcome those of you whose partner is unable or unwilling to join, and look forward to showing you how you can find ease and harmony in relationships even when one person apparently chooses differently.

Why do I need a map?


We all have conflict in our lives. Some with other people, family members, work colleagues and some of us have internal conflict, a critical nagging voice telling us how we should be.

All relationships experience conflict; how we respond to them is what makes the difference between being able to reconnect with your partner or drifting apart.

Carrying the tension of conflicts restricts us from being fully in the flow of life and from having the deeper connections with our partners that we long for.

Having the skills, tools and confidence to face our conflicts is a giant step towards wholehearted living and relating.

When practicing needs-based communication, we get to honor what is important to us and the other person, and we experience much more ease, joy and peace in all our interactions.

This workshop will provide you with a map to find your way back to harmony and balance.

What you get!

  • Two days with two professional trainers focusing on releasing the imprisoned energy of personal conflicts.
  • 1-hour Skype/phone follow up session with either Emma or Pernille at a time of your choosing (up until end of 2014).
  • Bonus gift! On top of this, we offer you a half-price second one-to-one coaching session after the workshop, as a way to process one to one what the topic might bring up for you personally.
  • Practical tools and processes to use beyond the workshop, including handouts and reference materials.

What they said on the last Dissolving Conflicts weekend?

?An excellent, open, caring, non-judgmental environment for exploring the drivers of conflict and new approaches & tools for conflict resolution.? Robert Langham.

?If you can?t express your needs and are carrying inner conflicts, how can you relate to others?? Dominique Quere.

?An intensive workshop during which I learn/ discover ways to reconnect with my needs & others? needs.? Brigitte Sheung.

?It?s amazing how powerful it is this relatively short experience! It is so inspirational to see paradigm shifts/ miracles and emotions taking place.?  Agnieszka.

?Through carefully crafted explanations, role-playing and discussion we explored conflict dissolutions and connected with the deeper power of NVC in all related situations. Inspiring and deeply relevant.? R.N.

?I?m constantly amazed by how magical NVC can be! Self-empathy is mandatory! NVC brings me immediate relief. Empathy Emma rocks!? Amy.

?I want to share my gratitude after having participated in Dissolving Conflict over the weekend with my husband. It was so great to call him today and to be able to identify several wonderful feelings in a way that was forthright and without feeling like I was burdening him. Having the vocabulary to explore my feelings and how they identify my needs is such a great step in creating greater connection in my relationship. If you get a chance to attend the course, I can imagine that you?ll walk away similarly empowered.? ? Rhonda 

When, where and how much?

Dates: No workshops arranged. Please contact me if you would like info about the next – in Switzerland or in Denmark.
La Maison de la Femme, Avenue Eglantine 6, 1006 Lausanne, Switzerland
Maximum Participants:
Sliding scale: 300 CHF ? 400 CHF. Deposit required to secure your place ? 100 CHF.

The sliding scale gives you an option to contribute what you believe you can afford along a scale of what the trainers find sustainable for themselves.If you are confused, you can use this guideline: the bottom end of the scale is for people who regularly find it difficult to pay their rent, and the top is for people who regularly eat in a nice restaurant. Still confused? Choose somewhere in the middle.
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