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Dissolving the pain of parenthood

Healing from the pain of not being the parents we wanted to.PeaceByHeart

An intimate course consisting of four teleclasses of 2 hours. And two individual coaching sessions, each 60 minutes at a time of your choosing. This will provide you with insight and skills for letting go of the guilt of not having been perfect as a parent.


  • Are you punishing yourself for not being a perfect parent?
  • Do you feel deeply the loss of your chance to be the parent you wanted to be?
  • Do you sometimes feel it is harder to heal from the pain of having hurt others, than having been hurt?


Most of us with grown up children know the regret of not having always been the parents we would have liked to be.

Some of us even know the pain of having hurt our children and see the scars of our parenting choices manifest in the lives and behaviors of our children.

When we see our children struggling with low self esteem, relationships, addictions and perfectionism we often feel a deep shame and sadness, connecting the way we showed up as parents with how much our children suffer today.

This rich soup of shame, guilt and regret gets in the way of experiencing the kinds of relationships we long for and having the depth of connection we desire with ourselves, our children and others.

We can never get back our children?s childhoods but we can let go of the resistance to healing so that we can show up as the parents we want to be today.

In this four week telecourse we will explore the questions and challenges touched on above, and we will share with you the practices we have used to transform our own relationships with ourselves and our children.

  • Step into mourning wholeheartedly what has been lost and tap into our capacity to hold joy, love and open-hearted expansion alongside pain, sadness and loss.
  • Uncover and embrace the beauty of the needs that your sadness points to.
  • Let go of your suffering in service of your children, your life and all beings.

This work is tender and deep. As trainers and fellow travellers on this path to self-acceptance, we are skilled at creating safety for our participants, inviting you to share what you feel comfortable with and using our own examples to support your learning.

In addition to the four two-hour group sessions we are offering you two one-to-one coaching sessions, one prior to the workshop and another session after the workshop. This way, you have the opportunity to process what the topic might bring up for you in full confidentiality without having to do it in front of a group of people.

Dates: Not set yetPeaceByHeart

Cost: Sliding scale 200 ? -300 ?

The sliding scale gives you an option to contribute what you believe you can afford along a scale of what the trainers find sustainable for themselves.

If you are confused, you can use this guideline: the bottom end of the scale is for people who regularly find it difficult to pay their rent, and the top is for people who regularly eat in a nice restaurant. Still confused? Choose somewhere in the middle.

Max number of participants: 10

Location: Teleseminar via in a closed group, no recording. Coaching conversations over phone, skype or in-person (Slagelse, Denmark or Lausanne, Switzerland).

Teachers: Pernille Plantener and Emma Collins





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