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Embracing Shame and Vulnerability

 A two-day intensive training in radical self-acceptance

Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It?s tough to do that when we?re terrified about what people might see or think. Brené Brown

  • Why is it so hard to let other people SEE you? And to face yourself?
  • What makes keeping up appearances so important? How come so many of us are feeling shame about what?s alive inside?
  • What would happen if we let other people know how we?re feeling and what our needs and wishes are?
  • How do WE perceive other people who show us their vulnerability?

Many people ? especially women ? are living in tension and pain due to their inner life being in contrast to what they show on the outside. This gap is causing suffering that might manifest as depression, anxiety, fear or a sense of distance from life.According to shame researcher Brené Brown, author of top selling book ?Daring Greatly?, the strongest medicine towards shame is openness ? and from our own trials and experience, we agree! Shame resilience is obtainable and can be built through daring to show up with vulnerability.Some might think, why should I let other people see how weak I am? But the good news is that being vulnerable might feel awkward but is perceived very different from being weak ? it?s seen as courageous. And it leads to a fierce experience of coming home within.What you get!

  • Two days with two professional trainers focusing on releasing the imprisoned energy of personal conflicts
  • 2 x 1 hour Skype/ or face to face coaching sessions with either Emma or Pernille at a time of your choosing
  • Practical tools and processes to use beyond the workshop, including handouts and reference materials.

In this two-day workshop, we will explore some of the questions above together and we will create a safe environment for daring to be ourselves. Through theory and exercises, the participants will get opportunities to gain new knowledge about their shame responses, their foundation for shame resilience and how to be more comfortable with vulnerability. We emphasize safety and emotional wellbeing for all participants; thus, you decide what to share and how to engage in the activities. Here is what you can expect during those two days:

  • What we know about how to develop shame resilience
  • Shared exploration of which needs drive us when holding back ? and when opening up
  • Experience of embracing any part of ourselves ? and take-away tools to practice self-acceptance
  • Ways to stay with ? and not avoiding ? other people?s shame

Bonus gift! On top of this, we offer you a one-to-one coaching session prior to the workshop and another half-price session after the workshop. This way, you have the opportunity to process what the topic might bring up for you in full confidentiality without having to do it in front of a group of people.

When, where and how much? Stay connected through my Danish newsletter or my English newsletter for upcoming trainings.

Venue: La Maison de la Femme, Avenue Eglantine 6, Lausanne 1006, Switzerland

Number: Maximum 16 Participants 

Cost: Sliding scale ? 300 – 400 CHF. A deposit of 100 CHF is needed to secure your place.

Sign up: Please access the sign up form here.

The sliding scale gives you an option to contribute what you believe you can afford along a scale of what the trainers find sustainable for themselves. If you are confused, you can use this guideline: the bottom end of the scale is for people who regularly find it difficult to pay their rent, and the top is for people who regularly eat in a nice restaurant. Still confused? Choose somewhere in the middle.

Contact Pernille for more info.

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