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Courses are held in agreement with educational institutions, institutions and companies. Below you can see the most popular. Courses designed according to participants' wishes.

Clear speech and tranquility inside the 10th-11th March 2018

Two-day intro to Nonviolent Communication. ShelterPeaceByHeartmore about the course content, pricing and signup here.

Unfold yourself

Three days where you learn to speak and receive an answer, be familiar with your own and others' anger and get deeper into the pecking living world. Prerequisite: 'Clear Voice and tranquility inside' or an equivalent course in Nonviolent Communication at least two days.

Held on request when there are at least eight participants. Read more about the course content here.

Mission: Peace.

2 weekends devoted to reconciliation - reconciliation within and reconciliation with others that you are in conflict with, or wherever you want to help others who have a conflict with each other, find peace and solutions.

You learn the basic principles of mediation, which is the same whether toddlers or colleagues who do not get along. You also practice how to bid also your own inner judgmental voices welcome and learn how you can make peace with your inner critic.

Prerequisites: Participation in a course 'Unfold on you' or equivalent course in Nonviolent Communication with another coach, in addition to any exercise in using the principles of NVC in daily life.

Let me know if you are interested; the course is created when there is a minimum of 8 participants.

More trainings

See more on Center for Nonviolent Communication’s Homepage. It is the international organization that all certified trainers are members of and uses for advertising courses in Denmark and worldwide.

About courses with NVC content:

You will learn some simple tools for life-long process to brand yourself better and make contact and peace with your loved ones and other people, even those who challenge you. NVC is not about 'speak well'. Hand in hand with the welcoming contact goes courage to express yourself honestly where you gradually learn how to live and express yourself in accordance with your values ​​without having to adapt to the expectations of others, and help to find solutions that work best for everyone involved.

IVK er en selverkendelsesproces og samtidig et redskab til kommunikation. Som ethvert andet sprog er det en proces at lære, og der skal både opmærksomhed og øvelse til for at det bliver flydende. Du vil opdage, at hvad der begyndte med at være en kommunikationsmetode åbner for sider af dig selv, som du måske ikke har haft adgang til før, og som resulterer i øget livskraft, mere tydelighed og retning, og spontan medfølelse med dig selv og andre.

I keep creating courses and workshops. Send me an email if you would like to be informedabout my activities.. If you can gather at least 8 people besides yourself, do I want a course in your city. If you will undertake to organize the course, you can attend for free - and take an extra participant with no payment.

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