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Lectures on nonviolent communication

Cabinet discussion and engagement. A lecture on nonviolent communication sets off talk clothes. Suitable for the workplace, the union and the club.

By thematic meetings, I make a presentation, and then creates the participants content together through dialogue, discussion and exercises. Be inspired here on the site and call and have a chat.

Peace with Jante

Close your mouth on the inner critic. It says health gurus and business coaches like Chris McDonald and Soren Holmgren. But how?Dialog med den indre Jante I can drown out the inner Jante, speech against or threaten to silence, but every time I come back to it, it is again underway.

In this cheerful lecture spiced with anecdotes from my own life, I give a how-to-do suggestions on how we can all make peace with the inner Jante and use its pent-up energy creatively in our lives.

Behind every negative message lies a desire to enrich life. Jante will tell us something - if we know how to decode its gruff language, we can liberate and use its vitality. Giraffe language lecture form.

Stretch yourselves, grassroots!

A green, fair and meaningful world - we will! Why do we as forces of internal strife in voluntary organizations?

'There is no such thing as a free lunch' - nor something called free work. It's one of the reasons. In this lecture I inspire the audience to look at conflicts in a new way - as containers with nutrients that can add our common cause renewed power of growth.

Get inspiration to tackle the grumbler the complacent, the unrealistic dream and lyseslukkeren and translate the conflicts in common enthusiasm. This lecture is followed very well by a workshop where it burning on, can come to the table.

Bottom Vending - 3 tips for a well-functioning team

Everybody is talking about something is not working and nobody does anything about it. Deadlines are too narrow, the employees are not involved, the training of the new hanging on the same or procedures are unclear.

Klart er det, at det er svært at stille sig op og gøre noget ved det. Hvor svært det er, og hvordan vi gør det alligevel giver jeg nogle tips og tricks til i foredraget Bundvending – 3 tips til et velfungerende team.

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