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Healing from the pain of parenting


Every time I hear my son and daughter telling about their challenges these days and how they deal with them, I become both proud and relieved. I didn?t expect them to grow into capable and resourceful adults from how I raised them. I?m grateful for who they are and for all that have supported them [...]

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Moving ahead despite violence

Many women I know have been abused as children, adolescents or adults. It has some men too. For some of us live crackdown on in our body and mind as ligated, unconscious events that can not be anticipated and talk sense, but which sometimes take control - perhaps without we discover [...]

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Empathic calls and konfliktmægling

Individual support for your relationships

Empathic conversation is a dialogue, which I support you in gaining more clarity and direction where you experience pain, confusion or fear. The interview done on your terms and my role is to accompany you? and sometimes light a step ahead when the path is hard to get [...]

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