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About Pernille Plantener

I am the founder of PeaceByheart.BusinessByHeart I was born in 1962 and since teenage years been drawn to get to know myself and others - deeply to know, to get to a place of understanding where more is connecting us than separating us. My formal training began at university that I quit and instead chose a practical organic farmer's education, which I later complemented theoretically. For several years, I worked as advisor for organic farmers, project manager, consultant, and manager. I was certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication in 2011. Trained coach in 2012. Independent consultant from 2013. Mentor coach 2014. Have been trained in particular by Marshall Rosenberg, Sarah Peyton and Guthrie Sayen.

I am a mother of adult children, peacefully divorced and remarried. I live at Stevns south of Copenhagen in an intentional community based on permaculture and sustainability.

Besides individual coaching and mediation, I teach coaching skills to individuals and companies through my consulting company BusinessByHeart, that also offers to lead transition processes, and fundraising and management of projects.

Closer to each other - and ourselves

I have a fierce vision of a more sustainable world where we can fulfill our needs without preventing others from having their needs met. It includes care for nature, climate, our environment, each other and ourselves.

I believe the world around us is a reflection of us how we are doing as humans. I see a world of inequality. Where skin colour and place of origin is crucial for access to ressources. In the privileged world, we have huge costs for military and focus on protecting our privileges. I also see a world where nature, animals and people are thirsting for care. My dream is that all that is used to keep us safe and separate from ' the others ' will be reallocated to ensure a peaceful world for all of us with equal access to resources.

Our homework is important. Reconciliation in our inner life is the precondition so that we can create new communities. When we're safely home in ourselves, moving closer to others and understand what drives them becomes possible and attractive. It spreads, and in this shared space, respectful, creative, sustainable solutions can be born.

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